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Turnkey Rental Package: $29,400

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Stylish 20 x 20 Aluminum Double Deck.   The actual footprint of the deck is 16' x 19.5'  This double deck booth fits nicely inside of a 20 x 20 booth space, or larger space if desired. 

Included with this Double Deck Rental are the following:

1.  Shipping of Double Deck Exhibit to your show. 
2. Set up of Double Deck Exhibit. 
3. Dismantle of Double Deck Exhibit
4. Large banner graphics are included with your company logo and company artwork.
Banner graphics consist of large banners which can be placed on 3 sides of the deck.  These hang down from the top of the railing, to the floor of the second deck level. 
5. Nice table, and 4 chairs for upstairs deck. 
6. Track lighting for the ceiling at the bottom level of the deck. 

Not included is show drayagae or show handling cost.  Although these cost should be very low, since the aluminum deck weight only approximately 2,000 pounds. 
Very appealing modern industrial design is attractive to customers at shows. 
* Available at most major convention centers throughout the United States.  Although please let us know the name and dates of your show in advance, so we can make sure that it fits into the schedule.  

Additional options may also be available. 

Please fill out the form below, and let us know your show dates, and requirements.